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Coaching business

Community-Driven Advocacy

Turn your happy customers into brand advocates by giving them a forum to share experiences within their own private community. As a business you know the marketing value of a good recommendation. With Recco, you can nurture your community of loyal customers who in turn enable organic measurable growth.

The true value of recommendations
from a trusted source


Effectiveness of trusted friends’ or family recommendations on a buyer’s purchasing decisions


People are 4 times more likely to buy a product when referred by a friend


Gen Z trusts their friends and family most when it comes to advise on products

Generate engaging Thankyou's with Recco and organically get recommended to your customer's Fam! Gain trusted insights from those that genuinely support your business.

Engage with your communities organically formed through customer Reccos. Continue to Nurture with your latest info. and incentives through the personalized and Trusted Recco channel that is designed to protect personal privacy.

Watch your Communities Grow naturally through customer engagement with their Trusted Fams at Recco.

What our Fam and their friends say about us!

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